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iLearners classes and coaching provide a place for students and adults to ask questions, practice their own work, and learn from others; while learning effective techniques/steps to be more resourceful and independent, help others, get higher grades/results, and save time. 

The environment of the iLearners classes and coaching includes curiosity, open minded, inspiration, accountability, and encouragement. 

What We Do

We offer free weekly group classes to support students and adults on requested topics related to academics, teaching skills, learning techniques, parents as learning facilitators, jobs and careers, business and entrepreneurship, self development, leadership, and communication

For one-on-one or custom group classes and coaching, please contact us at (346) 275-0973,, or fill out the contact form below.


  1. 8-week Coaching Skills for Parents program (1 hour/session twice a week), where we work with the parent(s) to support rapport/trust building with their children, healthy study skills, general health/stress management skills (sleeping, exercising, eating better, and plenty of water), and independent learning, to support higher grades/test scores. 

  2. Hourly coaching for academics, career, interviewing, business/entrepreneurship, leadership, and team building. Designed to develop self leadership skills, agility, memory recall, and communication techniques to accomplish sustainable results; the value is in the practice between the sessions. 

  3. We also work with non-profit organizations, schools, and after school programs. 

Our favorite learning and teaching quotes: 

  • “If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” - Ignacio Estrada 

  • "Teaching is listening, learning is talking." - Deborah Meier 

  • "Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers." - Josef Albers 

  • “A problem well stated is a problem half solved.” - Charles Kettering 


About iLearners

Young Professor

The recipe for students/adults success is simple, the more you're able to remember and recall, the higher the grades/results, agility, resilience, communication skills, and success in our lives and communities. The ingredients for this recipe are also known, and that's what iLearners helps with. 

At iLearners we help students, adults, parents, and educators practice simple techniques to help learn/teach more effectively and remember more; while allowing the individuals to develop their own motivations and systems of learning. 

We teach the simple yet well known skills that many successful schools, universities, experienced teachers/educators, and organizations already utilize, but there aren't many easy ways for others to learn these skills from experienced professionals; besides direct mentoring and coaching. This area is where iLearners has been supporting parents, students and educators for years, to help develop these effective teaching and learning skills. This is what we call "gap-skills" development at iLearners; where individuals learn the skills to fill in the gaps to help achieve higher results and long term success. 

In the age we live in, many things are easier when it comes to academics, especially access to information, electronic books, and certain academic resources. However, distractions, different stressors, and a variety of influences are also higher. Many educators and schools struggle to help students retain learned information, and to develop self-leadership skills for students to teach themselves. That's where iLearners teaching techniques and coaching helps students, adults, parents and educators develop these simple effective skills. 

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We love to help others on their path to success, and to help students, adults and communities thrive through education and collaboration. 

For one-on-one or customized group coaching, training, and tutoring, please send us an email, call, or submit this form. Let us know your challenges, and how you'd like iLearners to help. 

Thank you! 

iLearners Team 

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