We Teach You How To Learn Faster and Teach Faster  

There's a process to faster learning in a fun way, and less forgetting. 

Primarily for Parents and Students, and for Anyone Wanting to Learn Better/Faster, or to Help Others Learn Better/Faster, and for great Team Building. 

“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” - Ignacio Estrada 


Q: How Can Learning Faster and Teaching Faster Skills Help Me? 

Benefits and Results 

  1. If you know a parent whose child is struggling in school, our teaching techniques may help

  2. To help kids be more successful, we teach parents how children and adults learn better and faster, and more independently. 

  3. We teach hard working and open minded parents some simple, fun, yet great teaching techniques that increase their kids' grades by at least one letter grade, while reducing stress and reducing time involved in doing school work. 

  4. We teach parents how to help their kids in most subjects using simple teaching techniques from home.

  5. Our web-based Zoom classes are fun and simple, using whiteboard and screen share once a week. 

  6. Typically the initial improvements/results are seen within 3 weeks, sustainable results are seen in about 6 weeks. 

  7. Some parents have also used these teaching techniques, along with their own knowledge/research, to help keep their kids stay off of ADD meds (this is not a guarantee, and keeping in mind that each child is different, some parents figured out a way to achieve this for their specific child's needs). 

What if you learned from the teacher's perspective, and learned some basic studying and organizing skills that saved your time? ... wouldn't working hard and being resourceful be more fun? 

What if we learned conversing and teaching skills that help our kids be less stressed, enjoy the learning process, and helps them want to learn on their own more? 

What if your team came to you with their successes, solutions, and progress instead of you asking for a status? 

Our Classes


Powerful Learning and Teaching Techniques 


Fun Positive Stress-Free Learning 


Group Classes: 

  1. Below are the six weekly series of group classes that are a part of the iLearners membership (each class is 30 mins to 1 hour). 

  2. The way it works is easy: You'll get weekly tips/updates/information related to the below series of classes. You can then register for the classes, and ask questions pre and post classes. The instructor then answers the questions during the next weekly scheduled class using the context of the iLearners teaching framework. 

  3. The Approach and Class Format page at the top menu has the details of the simple screen-share and whiteboard based class format. 

  4. As a member, when you sign up for any of the below classes, you'll get a Zoom class link in your email to use at the scheduled time. 

  5. One-on-one classes also available, please email info@iLearners.com or call (346) 275-0973 to request. 


Group Classes Series

  • How Our Brain Learns Fast


    30 min

  • How to Learn Different Subjects Faster, and Big Picture Perspective


    30 min

  • Information Organizing, Studying Skills, Tests & Homework Strategies


    30 min

  • Parents as Learning Coaches, Homeschool Skills, for Busy Parents


    30 min

  • Additional Topic Specific Classes


    30 min

  • Jobs, Interviewing and Talking Skills, Businesses Structures, CEO ...


    30 min

Who Takes iLearners Classes?

Primarily Parents and Students. 

Also for anyone who wants to learn better or learn faster, or anyone who wants to help others learn better and faster. 

Mentors, Tutors, Adults, Afterschool Programs, Teachers, Coaches, Montessori School and Daycare Teachers, and Non-Profit Organizations. 

Teams and Leaders at Businesses. 

Leaders are always communicating and teaching, whether they know it or not. 

Create a Membership and Login to access the classes, or email info@iLearners.com if you need assistance or need one-on-one classes. 

Did you know that as a parent, you have a unique ability and relationship/rapport with your child, which is that your child cannot ignore you, even if they wanted to? 

  • We work with parents to understand how that works, and how to use their rapport to help their kids learn better with less stress, while enjoying working hard and learning more independently. 

  • This is what the foundation/starting iLearners classes for Parents teaches. 

  • Definition of Rapport: "a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate well." 


"I learned several easy study skills techniques through iLearners, helped me get more organized with my math and physics classes. My confidence got better and my stress a little lower. I started enjoying parts of the classes even though it was a lot of hard work, but that helped me improve my grades." 

- iLearners Student 

"iLearners has helped me understand my child better, how he thinks and learns, and how I can better communicate with him while still giving him all my love. Afters I started using the iLearners techniques, my son has been thriving and learning on his own for several years now, and he really enjoys talking to us about what he's learning. I'm not a parent who pushes for all A's, but I'm happy to see him wanting to do well, and is getting A's and B's on his own." 

- iLearners Parent


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