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What We Do: 

We Teach You How to Learn Faster and Teach Faster 

We Teach This Through Self-Paced, One-On-One, and Group Classes 

  • The Classes link in the above menu has the six series of group classes that are taught as part of the iLearners membership account. 

  • Did you know that as a parent, you have a unique ability and relationship/rapport with your child, which is that your child cannot ignore you, even if they wanted to? 
- We work with parents to understand how that works, and how to use their rapport to help their kids learn better with less stress, while enjoying working hard and learning more independently.​ 
- This is what the foundation/starting iLearners classes for Parents teaches. 
- Definition of Rapport: "a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate well." 

  • The way it works is easy: You'll get weekly tips/updates/information related to the series of classes. You can then register for the classes, and ask questions pre and post classes. The instructor then answers the questions during the next weekly scheduled class using the context of the iLearners teaching framework. 

  • You can access these classes and the monthly schedule by creating an iLearners membership account at the top of this page. We'll also email you weekly tips, updates, and class schedule details. Most of the interactive classes are scheduled in the evenings and weekends to accommodate students, parents, and working adults. 

  • Your questions, answers and inputs on the short pre/post class survey are instrumental to speeding up the learning process. Be sure to reflect and take notes on what's working well, and track your successes and measurable results. 

  • One of the things that iLearners focuses on is to teach in a fun and simple story telling way, with a positive tone, acknowledge what's working right, and celebrate your successes. Many of our customers and students feel nice, calmer, more clear, and more motivated when they are listening to the classes, taking notes, asking questions, deciding on what things to do differently, and leveraging what's working right. 

  • The purpose of the iLearners classes is to help adults and children be more successful in education, life, family, community and careers, through the ability to learn better/faster and teach better/faster in a fun empowering way

  • Our students and customers are hard working, resourceful, and open minded individuals. They are the ones who encouraged us to provide these classes to other hard working families. So feel free to ask questions, provide success stories, and provide suggestions on how else we could help you and others better.

  • Our customers' support is also making it possible for iLearners to continue to do more non-profit work in our communities. 

  • For questions, or to let us know what specific topics/classes you'd like to see, please fill out the form below. You could also email/call us at, or (346) 275-0973

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