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Weekly Tips, Topics, and Practice

We post our weekly tips/topics, thought provoking questions, and training/practice for active members.

Below is an example of the type of questions/ topics covered in the weekly training to help parents and involved adults increase their skills to support children excel in academics and beyond. 

Weekly Training

iLearners offers weekly topics, tips, and training to active members who want to see quicker results through live online group training and Q&As. 


  • Members ask/submit questions, which will be addressed/discussed at each week's video call.

  • Listen to other members' questions/ discussions. 

  • iLearners will do screen-share during video call on the weekly topic(s). 

Includes (similar to example below): 

  1. Topics with thought provoking questions 

  2. Tips/ food-for-thought 

  3. Weekly practice suggestions 

This Month's Q&A Based Training
Get video conference link, dial-in number, and schedule to this month's group Q&A Based Training Sessions (option to join multiple times a week). Ask your questions, or learn by listening to others' questions and discussions. 
Submit your topic request and/or questions using the form below, or by email, or by text message to (800) 306 - 4056. 

Thank you!

Example Weekly Topic, Questions, and Practice: 

What is the definition of learning? 


Do a general internet search and pick 3 definitions of "learning" that you like the most. Write down your favorite definition, or write your own version of a definition that works best for you. 

Thought Provoking Questions

Can we really say we learned something if we don't measure it over time? 

How do you measure learning? 

Do we ever measure how much we forget; if not, why not? 

How long does it take to forget something that we've learned? 

What is difference between motivation and inspiration, and how does it relate to learning? 

What is a value system, and how does it relate to learning? 

Food for Thought/ Suggestions

When we learn or re-learn something, we also need to see how we minimize forgetting. 

The foundation of remembering is the basics: sleeping/resting well, drinking plenty of water, eating well/less sugar, and exercising helps improve memory.

Of course stress management skills help; which is an different topic. 

At iLearners we only work with individuals that prioritize the above basic healthy habits, as it's very difficult to teach/learn anything or get motivated when we are sleep-deprived and/or dehydrated. Secondly, eating well and exercising makes learning faster and easier too. Many of the students we've worked with have improved their grades just by encouraging them to sleep better, drinking sufficient water, and snacking on less sugary foods/drinks. 

Training/ Practice

Be a scientist and experiment with this questions. Experiment to see if your able to be more motivated and focus better after getting several days of good sleep. Then experiment with how drinking at least 8 glasses of water makes you feel alert. If you can, incorporate less sugary foods/drinks, and min 20 minutes of exercise a day. 

Contact, Topics Request, Testimonials. 

We love to help others on their path to success. We love helping parents, students, adults and communities thrive through education and collaboration. 

Feel free to request topics you'd like us to cover. Also feel free to leave any feedback or testimonials in this form. 

For one-on-one or group training and coaching, please submit this form or send us an email at hello@iLearners.comLet us know what you'd like help with. 

Thank you! 

iLearners Team 

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