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  1. Test Taking Skills 

  2. STEM/STEAM Thinking 

  3. Study Skills 

  4. Utilizing Technology and Resources for Learning and Teaching 

  5. Forget Less, Remember More 

  6. Parents as Learning Coaches 

  7. Accountability Development - Do what you say, and say what you do 

  8. How to Support Perseverance, Resilience, and Agility Development 

  9. Branding and Campaigning Related to Teaching, Learning and Communication 

  10. CEO Thinking 

  11. Career Strategies 

  12. Interview Preparation and Practice 

  13. Resume Writing 

  14. Networking and Helping Others 

  15. Work/Tasks/Project Management Overview 

  16. Facilitation Skills 

  17. Rapport & Trust Building 

  18. Leadership Skills Added to Management Skills 

  19. Fun, Motivation, and Inspiration 

  20. Entrepreneurship and Basics of Business Structures 
  21. Collaboration and Competition 
  22. Coaching and Mentoring Skills 


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