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Study Skills Tutor/ Mentor Training

iLearners Study Skills Tutor Training focuses on developing the following: 

  1. Intrinsic motivation 

  2. Curious/ experimenting mindset 

  3. Studying and note taking strategies 

  4. Information organization skills 

  5. Connecting context with the larger picture and course expectations 

  • This study skills training is ideal for tutors who work with students that are struggling or getting average grades, to help the student get Bs and As more consistently (i.e. proficient, meets or exceeds grade level expectations/ targets). 

If you are a tutor or interested in becoming a tutor, we offer the foundational iLearners Level 1 Study Skills Tutor Training. 

If you are a mentor to students/ children, the foundational Level 1 Study Skills Training can help you support and empower the students that you work with even more. 

Level 2 Advance Tutor Training for Study Skills along with iLearners Certification available for practicing tutors with active student(s). 

For Tutoring Companies, Program Owners/ Managers that are interested in the iLearners Study Skills Tutor Training, please contact us below to inquire or to schedule training for multiple tutors at the same time. 

Contact, Topics Request, Testimonials: 

We love to help others on their path to success. We love helping parents, students, adults and communities thrive through education and collaboration. 

Feel free to request topics you'd like us to cover. Also feel free to leave any feedback or testimonials in this form. 

For one-on-one or group training and coaching, please submit this form or send us an email at hello@iLearners.comLet us know what you'd like help with. 

Thank you! 

iLearners Team 

(800) 306-4056 

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