Our Work

Our Work

For years iLearners has promoted and advocated for knowledge, skill development, strategies, tools, and techniques to help hard-working children and adults succeed.

We started by helping students, tutors and parents become faster learners and better teachers at home. Much of our work has been working with children and their parents, homework help and study skills tutoring, subject specific tutoring, coaching, team building, leadership, one-on-one training, and group training focused on results-based teaching skills. 

We also support others that are working hard to educate and empower our young. 

  • We provide customized learning and teaching skills training, support, and community awareness to students, parents, teachers, tutors, after school programs, Montessori schools, daycares, and non-profit organizations. 

The purpose of the iLearners classes and coaching is to help children and adults be more successful in life, family, community and careers, through the ability to remember more and teach easier in a fun empowering way. 

Learning continues well past graduation. That is why you'll see iLearners classes related to different jobs, interviewing and talking/communication skills, how businesses work and their challenges, how to communicate effectively in a work environment, CEO thinking, starting a business, networking skills, etc. These classes have shown to help interview better for jobs, and helps companies hire and train great employees. We also provide customized training for companies and teams. 

Our Instructors

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Our Instructors


The unique aspect of iLearners classes/coaching is that the instructors have results-based experiences in the topics they are teaching. The coaching plan, structure and curriculum sequence is based on what the instructors have found best to help students learn quickly, which also allows the instructors to bring their best creativity to each class. 

Our instructors have a background in STEM subjects, math, science, physics, engineering, space systems. Some have been engineering teaching assistants, science projects judges, parent engagement coachers, and some have worked leadership and teambuilding positions in STEM career fields. 

We've also seen that certain instructors' teaching styles resonate great with certain students' learning styles, and that helps some students learn and thrive much faster. 

If you'd like to be an iLearners instructor, let us know what topics/subjects you'd like to teach. We'll do an interview, and provide the iLearners teaching structure training. Email us at hello@iLearners.com, or submit the form below. 


Tel: 346-275-0973 / Email: hello@iLearners.com

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We love to help others on their path to success, and to help students, adults and communities thrive through education and collaboration. 

For one-on-one or customized group coaching, training, and tutoring, please send us an email, call, or submit this form. Let us know your challenges, and how you'd like iLearners to help. 

Thank you! 

iLearners Team 

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