Features of iLearners Classes: 

  1.    Fun positive stress-free learning, weekly group classes. 

  2.    Ask questions weekly, and access weekly classes for answers. 

  3.    Zoom group class link sent once you sign up for each class. 

  4.    Learn the iLearners teaching framework and techniques. 

  5.    Start seeing results within first 3 weeks. 

  6.    Learn to teach yourself faster, and teach others faster. 

  7.    Simple whiteboard questions-based classes. 

  8.    Listen in background while you study or work. 

  9.    Start a nice conversation with your kids. 

  10.    Team building. 

  11.    Teach, converse, lead, interview, and work better. 

  12.    Weekly tips. 

See below for classes overviews. 

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iLearners Classes

The monthly membership sign up above includes access to the six weekly series scheduled group classes listed below

The way it works is simple:

  1. Once you're a member, you'll get weekly tips/information/updates on how to learn/teach faster as it related to the below series of classes. 

  2. You also be able to sign up for the weekly group classes that you like. You'll be able to submit your question(s) for that class ahead of time in the signup form, or email your questions to info@iLearners.com. We encourage you to fill out the pre and post classes input surveys that will be in your account and in your email. 

  3. A Zoom class link will be emailed to you, and the instructor will answer the submitted question(s) during the classes using the context of the iLearners teaching framework. 

Benefits and Results


Fun Positive Stress-Free Learning 


What if you learned from the teacher's perspective, and learned some basic studying and organizing skills that saved your time? ... wouldn't working hard and being resourceful be more fun? 

What if we learned conversing and teaching skills that help our kids be less stressed, enjoy the learning process, and helps them want to learn on their own more? 

What if your team came to you with their successes, solutions, and progress instead of you asking for a status? 


iLearners Classes Series

Fun Positive Stress-Free Learning

Group Classes

  • How Our Brain Learns Fast


    30 min

  • How to Learn Different Subjects Faster, and Big Picture Perspective


    30 min

  • Information Organizing, Studying Skills, Tests & Homework Strategies


    30 min

  • Parents as Learning Coaches, Homeschool Skills, for Busy Parents


    30 min

  • Additional Topic Specific Classes


    30 min

  • Jobs, Interviewing and Talking Skills, Businesses Structures, CEO ...


    30 min

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