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Our Favorite Business Quotes 

and Food for Thought 

Below are some of the iLearners quotes and class teachings: ​

  1.  Instead of starting with a business plan, start by making a flyer; you'll be surprised to find out that the business plan is easier to do after creating your flyer.  

  2.  If you can sell it, you can build it. 

  3.  A business/organization is only as good as it's weakest link.  

  4.  An MBA is a management and administration degree. An entrepreneur degree can also be helpful. But is any other degree needed to do a business besides your own life experiences, learning on your own, creating your own curriculum, and asking your own tough questions? 

  5.  What does the psychology of decision making, sales, customer shaping, team building, and business have to do with each other? 

  6.  Treat each others as customers. 

  7.  Are humor, business, and leadership related? ... are you able to laugh at yourself? 

  8.  How are gamification skills related to starting and sustaining a business? 

  9.  What's the difference between marketing (educating/awareness/attention/lead generation), sales (relationship building/leadership/shaping the customer), and business development (market needs, demand, changes, drivers, competition vs. collaboration) similar and different? 

  10.  Similar to life, there are two sides to business, the part you can control and the part you cannot; learning and experience helps you know the difference. 

  11.  The state of mind we are in when learning helps determine how well we apply that understanding/ knowledge when tested, which also depends on the state of mind we are in when tested. 

  12.  Necessity drives innovation. - "Necessity is the mother of invention" 

  13.  How often do you hear others or yourself saying what not to do, and how often do you hear others or yourself identify what to do? Leadership and business growth is about saying what to do and a direction, and second is what not to do as risk mitigation. 

  14.  What percentage of the day are we playing offence and defense, and how does that relate to business growth? 

  15.  The iLearners definition of business: A business is a repeatable process that helps customers gain value from a need/want to a better/higher/more secure/more happier/less stressed/more sustainable/more profitable state of living that makes the world a better place for everyone; and is a process/product/service that the customers trust and see as something that helps them progress better/faster on their own path. 

  16.  Do people follow others that smile, listen, and understand? 

  17.  To start understanding the science of money, start practicing/guessing how much money you'd pay for something if a price wasn't set yet. For example, start with this page, how much money would you pay for the information learned on this website, why, and how does this help you along your path? 

  18.  What role does predicting linked with gamification play in business? 

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