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Approach and Class Format

“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” - Ignacio Estrada 

  • This applies to ourselves too. In other words, learning is also teaching, but it is teaching ourselves.

  • This is the reason why iLearners focus on the teaching framework and knowledge, and as a result faster learning happens. 


We all know that we can "learn" just about anything simply by searching for it online. But are we able to remember it a week later, or a month later? If the answer is no, then did we really learn? Part of the learning process also involves knowing how we forget; so we can learn to forget less

One of iLearners' favorite things to discuss and teach is the following: 

  • Is it possible to encourage and inspire a child to be resourceful, independent, and smarter than us, while at the same time being respectful, caring and responsible? The answer is yes! 

  • We see examples of this happening around us. Many children, parents and teachers doing exactly this. But can we do this with limited time and resources? The answer is yes. We see evidence of that around us too, we just have to observe and start the conversation about it. This is what iLearners helps with. 

iLearners classes can be taken on their own, or to supplement other classes that your kids or you may be taking. These classes give the students an additional advantage of learning the material from the teacher's perspective. ... because why follow along when you can teach and lead yourself? 

iLearners classes provide tools to increase grades over time, improves analytical thinking (i.e. how things work the way they do), and improves communication skills. 

  • We also recommend you talk with your friends and family about what you're learning, as that helps with repetition, analytical thinking, and reduces the forgetting rate

  • If you're a parent, we recommend you cut out a few minutes to let your child teach you what they are learning, of course focus on facilitating their thinking rather than telling/"teaching" them the answers. For example, some days you just listen, and other days you ask open ended questions. Variety is also important in the learning process. 

  • For parents, we have some classes on how to be a Learning Coach at home for any subject. These classes show you how not to give answers right away, but to facilitate your kids' thinking and ownership in the learning process is a fun way. 

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Class Format

Whiteboard-Based Classes, and Question-Based Format for Quicker Learning

Simple Classes - Whiteboard Based 

The information in each class is the foundation of the iLearners curriculum for the different series of classes; which is presented simply but very effective. You'll notice that each class is a simple whiteboard screen and starts with a question, which parallel how we teach through a conversation type approach using words and story telling speaking patterns. The other key to these classes is how the instructor teaches, speaks, tones, pauses, how the beginning of each class is framed/ structured/ organized, and how each class concludes. Some classes include a dialog/ conversation/ discussion method of teaching too. As you observe these teaching patterns, you can use similar patterns that work best for you, for your kids, or for your teams to teach and learn just about anything. 

The first step in learning fast is writing/typing your notes, which accelerate the learning process, memory recall, and analytical thinking.

  • We encourage students to write/type notes. The reason for this is because this has been proven to increase learning speedcritical thinking skills, and helps us be more resourceful

One of the cool things that parents use iLearners for is to parallel the efforts that they are trying to teach at home. Sometimes it's hard for parents to get kids to listen and understand simple things like getting enough sleep, followed by drinking plenty of water, exercising/playing, and eating some healthy meals. These basic things, especially sleep, are very important to the learning, thinking, and memory building processes. Many of our students literally increase their grades just by having a calm environment, doing some form of physical activity/sports/exercising for a few minutes a day, getting restful sleep, drinking enough water, and eating a little healthier. So instead of the parents repeating themselves, our parents often just converse with their kids about what they are learning from the iLearners classes. As a result, parents save time when they talk with their kids about their iLearners notes, what they are doing differently, and discuss what the kids might need help with. More importantly, parents use the time saved to create a good relationship with the kids, and use that time to listen and have conversations outside of school related things; often the parents notice that their kids listen to them more because the kids feel more understood. The parents series classes has more details on this

The iLearners classes are designed to be simple and playing in the background too. Most live streaming classes are 20 to 25 minutes long, most of the self paced mini-classes are less than 5 minutes, and the more advance ones are longer. The class format is questions/topics based. 

Tip #1: 

If you skim through this page and the below quotes about 3 times over 21 days, you'll start noticing more details and remember the details longer. If you start implementing minor changes, you'll notice some improvements within 21 days. Also if you write/type notes on the things that you found helpful, the results will even be quicker and greater (assuming you're getting enough sleep). When it comes to learning, just like exercising, it's hard to compete with someone who gets restful sleep. 

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