For adults, learning continues well past graduation. That is why you'll see iLearners classes/coaching related to different jobs, interview preparation, talking and conversing skills, how businesses work and their challenges, how to start your own business, how to communicate effectively in a work environment, CEO's job, how CEOs think, networking, competition vs. collaboration, etc. These classes have shown to help interview better for jobs, and helps companies hire and train great employees and teammates! ​​

iLearners classes also cover different topics that are requested, such as what careers to pursue, identifying transferable skills between jobs and industries, how different industries work, working second/multiple careers and backup options at the same time, what resourceful and agility mean, etc. Topics also includes mindset of playing offence vs. defense, win-win approaches, fear based learning vs. progress-results based learning, difference between motivation and inspiration, organic vs. regular leadership, solution oriented, receiving mode, learning maps, learning notes sheets/reminder sheets, what to write and what not to write to save time, etc.  

iLearners students are doing great things, they are supporting and helping each others' success, collaborating and teaching each other, networking, doing their civic duties to improve our communities, improving themselves and their families, working well together at their jobs, building good companies, creating a more productive yet respectful work-life-balance team environment at their jobs, and volunteering. 

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We love to help others on their path to success, and to help students, adults and communities thrive through education and collaboration. 

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